Indoor LED Screens & Indoor LED Displays Products

Indoor LED Screens & Indoor LED Displays ProductsMost indoor LED screens on the market are built-in using Surface-Mounted device (SMD) technology, we have our own SMD technology patented and we call it DOT Matrix, because the three primary colors (Red, Green and Blue) are placed in the same DOT and with our new design we are also making better new technology indoor LED screens.

This is also a trend that is now extending to the outdoor market, because DOT Matrix indoor LED displays have more viewing angle and also a nearer capability of viewing distance. Our indoor LED screens have a high brightness and vivid color mixture effect.

An SMD pixel consists of 1 Red, 1 Green, and 1 Blue diodes mounted on a chipset, which is then mounted on the driver PC board. The individual diodes are smaller than a pinhead and are set very close together. The difference between normal encapsulated LEDs is that the maximum viewing distance is reduced by 25% from the discrete diode screen with the same resolution.

• P3 Integrated 3in1 SMD Series
• P4 Integrated 3in1 SMD Series
• P5 Integrated 3in1 SMD Series
• P6 Integrated 3in1 SMD Series
• P7.62 Integrated 3in1 SMD Series
• P8 Integrated 3in1 SMD Series
• P10 Integrated 3in1 SMD Series

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