P10 Integrated 3 in 1 Full Color Indoor LED Screen Series
Full color indoor P10 LED screens with integrated 3 in 1 SMD full color LED block modules as unit is another deeper revolutionary development in the LED screens industry. It shows a super fine and high quality picture on the LED screens and has a much wider viewing angle than the full color dip lamps LED screens. It rejects the deficiencies of the traditional LED lamp outdoor display screens.

The 10mm 3 in 1 SMD has been the outmost highest pitch of conventional LED lamp display, but Vegas LED Screens has launched a big quantity of 10mm indoor LED displays into he market, bringing people it’s best video picture in daytime from a larger indoor distance.

LED Screen Name: P10 Indoor Integrated 3 in 1 Full Color SMD Series
LED Class: Integrated 3 in 1 SMD Series
Pixel pitch: 10mm
Cabinet Size: 960mm(w) X 960mm(h)

LED Screen Advantages

  • High resolution of indoor full color LED display
  • Integrated encapsulation is blessed with higher reliability
  • Good color mixture from far or very near distance
  • Good color consistency transparent picture
  • Good picture uniformity
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Higher contrast ratio
  • The most economical and rational solution for 3 in 1 full color technology

LED Screen P10 3in1 SMD Specifications

Below you can find the technical specification of the P10 Indoor LED Screen 3 in 1 SMD.

Indoor LED Screen P10 3 in 1 SMD

Pixel Pitch


Working Voltage

AC220V±10%; AC110V±10%

Power Consumption

Max 300W/sqm
Average 190W/sqm

LED Brand

Epistar LED Chips

Maximum Brightness

>1,400 cd/m²

Pixel Configuration


Pixel Size

5.0 mm (circle)

Pixel Density

10,000 Pixels/m²

Drive Mode

1/8 or 1/4 Scanning

Grade Level

RGB 4096 grade/each

Best Viewing Distance

<8m ~ >150m
(26ft ~ >492ft)

Viewing Angle

Horizontally >160° / Vertically >130°

Screen Lifetime

≥ 100,000 hours

Driving IC


Refresh Frequency

≥ 400HZ/s
(1,000+ HZ/s available)

Change Frame Frequency

≥ 60Hz

Protection Level


Control System ¹

Simple LED Video Control System
or Advanced LED Video Processor

Ambient Temperature

-10°C ~ +45°C
(-14°F ~ 113°F)

Relative Humidity


Screen Weight

Steel: ≤ 55Kg/cabinet (121 Lbs)
Aluminum: ≤ 50Kg/cabinet (110 Lbs)

Input Signal

YUVYC, etc.

Brightness Adjustment ²

256 levels of each color (RGB) can be adjusted manually and
8 levels of each color can be adjusted automatically.

LED Module Size

160mm x 160mm (6.3″ X 6.3″)
(16 pixels x 16 pixels)

LED Cabinet Size

960mm X 960mm (38″ X 38″)
(96 pixels x 96 pixels)

Cabinet Material

Steel or Aluminum

Package Material

Wooden Case

Warranty ³

2 Years


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